Testimonial: Kingman County, KS

March 26, 2023

I live in southwest Kingman County. I just wanted to share with you firsthand experience living near one of those horrible things.

I live on my grandparents’ old farm. My nearest neighbor is over a mile away. People live in the country for various reasons.

One of my reasons WAS a totally black sky where you can watch the stars and where the only night sounds you hear are the cicadas, coyotes, or owls.

Now I get to watch thousands of little red lights blink on three sides of our property and listen to a continuous roar from the turbines.

My sister has one right across the road from her house. She can no longer enjoy quiet time drinking coffee on her deck every morning because it continuously sounds like a jet is flying low over her field.

She is a skilled horse woman. The blade flicker has scared her horses so bad they have bucked her off. One time resulted in hospitalization.

Her chickens and ducks quit laying eggs.

If she or I ever want to sell our home and acreage, we will never be able to get what it is worth.

No electricity from the three windfarms around my house stays in Kansas. I believe all three farms are going to Colorado.

What benefit is that to Kansas?