Testimonial: Kingman County, KS

March 26, 2023

I live in Kingman Co and I just got to say…. fight like hell to keep them out!

I have 2 of those horrible things towering over my home just 1/4 of a mile away. Just across the property line in my Neighbors land. Which doesn’t even live anywhere near it.

At night I can feel the vibration thru the ground. First noticed it when I went out to fill the stock tank and heard the barbed wire from the fence vibrating against the metal tank.

The flicker, shadows, on the ground can cause animals to spook and even cause seizures in people.

Our wildlife has declined greatly. Ducks & chickens stopped laying.

The noise is horrible. Sounds like a jet getting ready to take off but it never leaves!!!!

Never had sleeping issues until they went up plus increased headaches 😩both my daughters & I now have health issues that we never had before.

I pray that not one of you have to go thru any of this ever. My dream home became my daily nightmare.