Testimonial: Nemaha County, KS

March 26, 2023

If the Climate Crazies are so worried about Plastic Straws and Plastic Shopping Bags from Wal-Mart, why does the SAME CHEMICAL in all these horrid wind turbines not bother them?  Guess it’s because it’s out here in Kansas, where people don’t have any pull with the Government. 

Do they really think we still live in log cabins and have Indian Teepees in our back yards; therefore, we don’t matter – so dump chemicals all over us. Besides, grinding up the used blades and using them in concrete mix to bury them in the ground and leach the chemical into our ground water and soil. 

I wish you luck because WE FAILED.  Our local newspaper is totally on board with the wind company.  They run a Full-page ad, a Half-page ad, sponsor the Grain Price reports EVERY week.  The Editor is hauling in BIG Bucks!  What is going to happen when Next Era is gone in 6 months?  The Editor may notice the money goes too.

Our Commissioners MAY have been bought off; we can’t prove it yet.  One got ALL the turbines in his district. One has a brother signing his land to Next Era and one has a brother employed by Next Era in Concordia, Ks, wind project.

BUT… The folks in Nemaha Co., KS, think it VERY suspicious that one of their commissioners got a new pickup, one got a new piece of BIG farm machinery, one got a new piece of property.  Coincidence that they all had money to spend, shortly after their deal with Next Era?

Money does EVIL things to people.  We will have the biggest turbines in the smallest area (12X18 miles) in Kansas, looming over poor people who had no say in what is going to happen to them.  I hope you can at least set the distance from the turbines A MILE from a person’s house.  Three miles would still cause distress.

Good Luck to you – – – – We need to STOP these wind companies from ruining our communities and moving in on to ruin the next.  We live in Kansas because we like it the way it is.

One man from Nemaha Co. told me he asked the wind workers, “Why not put the turbines close to big cities where they need the electricity?”  Answer:” They don’t want to have to look at them there.”  So, build them in the rural areas where people don’t do the research and find out too late that their lives are ruined forever.